Happy Saturday friend!

For 2023, it's no secret that we've gone all-in on this idea of 'Themes' - bringing something awesome and new to you each and every week in a curated, fun experience.β€Œβ€Œβ€Œβ€ŒNow that we've officially wrapped up our 2nd full month of Themes, I thought it'd be fun to highlight my 5 favorites that are almost sold out.

Like always, once these ZOX wristbands are off the site, the only way to get them ever again is in a Mystery Pack or via secondary markets like eBay or Zoxlist, usually at significantly higher prices. πŸ˜­β€Œβ€Œβ€Œβ€Œ

Ready? Let's go!


1. Zodiac ZOXLOX

Let's start you off with a bonus - these may not be almost sold out, but they are definitely hard to get.

One of our most sought after ZOXLOX of all time, the Zodiac ZOXLOX are a collection of 12 incredibly detailed holographic prints of all the astrological signs on our rainbow metallic ZOXLOX. They can not be found when searching on our site, but since you decided to be so kind as to read my email, you can get the link using the button below.

Also - this review is awesome πŸ₯°:

"As a Pisces Thru and Thru I'm always skeptical of how our zodiac sign will be presented but I was BLOWN AWAY by the ZOXLOX! Love it so much!!


2. Be Strong

I'm honestly blown away that we still had a few of these left - in my opinion it's one of the most beautiful designs we have released all year with it's incredibly detailed line-work done by our friend, the artist Bruce Lee. But don't take my word for it, check out this review:

"The perfect fit with the perfect reminder. I love the design of the bracelet and it is a great reminder to start off the Chinese New Year with. Experiencing a lot of changes lately has been tough and having this little guy to remind me has helped me keep confidence in my steps moving forward and β€œbe strong” in the decision I make."


3. It's Still Cool To Be Kind

This is the first T-shirt drop we've done for 2023 and it's one I am so incredibly excited about - the colors are such a perfect retro vibe for summer and it's front/rear prints really dial in the message perfectly. Also, can we talk about the fabric!? My goodness it's soft!

"I love this shirt. It’s the second zox shirt I’ve ordered and both times I’ve been thoroughly impressed. The fit is perfect, the material is great! They wash well. And I’d love to see more zox shirts in the future!"


4. You're My Person

Over the past few years, we’ve released an incredible variety of two piece designs for you and your significant other to share. This year, I wanted to do something different. Strangely, this design made me think of my own relationship with my wife, Kara, which inspired what I wrote on the back of the card:

Through thick, thin, and every amorphous shape in between, you’re my favorite.

This review for 'You're My Person' made me so happy to read too:

"The colors, the shapes, the saying, it's all so cute and amazing. I got three of these for myself and two of my best friends. I really know they will love them because they really are so fun and colorful."


5. Remember To Be Nice

This has got to be one of the coolest long-form designs we've done in a long time, and I love the variation that goes through it all. And as a creator, it's fun to see folks notice with reviews like this!

"The colors on this one vary quite a bit, making it extremely unique. It's varying patterns are very pleasing to the eye. and as always of the best quality."

Can't decide? Grab a Mystery Pack!


I've gotta be honest here - whether this is your first ZOX or your 500th, Mystery Packs are always a good call. There's just so many unique pieces going into the mix at any given time, usually over 250 different designs! This was a really cool review from a lovely lady who had just placed her first order with us - awesome to see I'm not the only one that enjoys them.

"I purchased a mystery pack as my first order and introductory into this collection. I absolutely recommend it! These bracelets are high quality, super fashionable, support multiple great causes, and adding in mystery to the collection process is fun! I would also say that if you are not satisfied with the ones you get, there is a whole community built around it where you can sell/trade. BUT...I have not wanted to sell any of mine. :)"

There's a LOT to know about Mystery Packs so if you love a good surprise, check out the details of them using the button below.

That'll do it for now. Hope you have an amazing weekend!

Big Hugs,