This week we're diving into learning more about the ocean. Sven seems to love sharks and ocean predators, while Mars prefers kinder creatures such as seals and starfish. One thing the boys agreed on was that the lionfish is a weird creature with a strange name. The boys love water play, so it was time to get wet with some ocean sensory fun!

We added food coloring to make the water colorful; I let them pick the colors, both wanted blue at first, which was beautiful. Later both wanted to add another color, so I let them experiment with it and add in green too.

For this activity, I used a clear bin, filled it with water, and gave the boys a selection of ; seashells, rocks, and toy sea creatures with a few drops of food coloring.

Giving kids the ability to experience a lesson instead of being a witness to it is the best way to let them take ownership of it. In doing so, you're providing creative freedom to make something that's their idea, (not the teacher's), which is key to creating engaging, fun lessons!